We follow a range of curriculum, including Smile Education, and the “All-in-One” series.  Our “library” is full of interesting books on activities, games, worksheets and other materials that help our children learn in a fun way. All our learning material are CAPS aligned.

Each week the classes work on a specific theme, for instance:

My Body; Colours; Numbers; Animals; Careers; Plants; Insects; My Home; etc.

For each theme, the teacher prepares worksheets and activities that cover different aspects of that theme.  This enables the children to develop their school readiness levels, as well as learning about the things around them.

This includes basic maths skills, writing their full names, cutting, etc.

Our Academy has a very high standard and reputation among all the local primary schools. Our children are only promoted if the teacher feels they are ready to go, thus keeping the high standard.




Arrive between 07h00 – 08h00

Free play until 08h20

Tidy up and Toilet Time

Greetings, Register, Bible Story, Songs – 08h45 – 09h00

Learning Time    (worksheets, art activities etc.) up till 10h00

Snack Time until 10h20

Free Play outside until 11h00

Story Time (relating to theme of the day)

Activity Time  (Play Dough; Puzzles; Edu-Tutor) until 12h00

Goodbye and lie down until 12h30

Free Play outside until Transport arrives


The teachers each have a day when they use the tape/CD player in their class, and the children listen to a range of fun songs while they work.