The Academy offers a range of extra-mural activities that take place during school hours.

Each activity is taught by its own professional teacher, and fees incurred go directly to those teachers – the Academy does not benefit in any way from these funds.

These activities are not compulsory, although children do benefit from attending these classes.

Each activity has its own fee, which is not included in Academy fees.  All fees must be paid in advance to the Academy’s office by the seventh of each month, otherwise interest will be added, and your child will not be allowed to attend classes.  Full fees are applicable every month regardless of school holidays, unless otherwise stated.   Prices may be subject to change during the course of the year.


Computer Kidz shows the children the basics of computer skills, maths; thinking skills and other fun things about computers using the latest educational software.
For further information contact Darryl: +27 (0) 79 378 3371


The Catherine Glazer School of Ballet is registered with the International Royal Academy of Dance. A specialised Pre-School Curriculum is taught by the instructor during the year.
For further information contact Catherine – Ann Glazer +27 (0) 13 690 1492 / +27 (0) 84 224 4084